One Loft Race

Monthly Archives: February 2017

Advice Notice

We would like to advise all participants that we received some unpleasant news today with confirmation from Bio-Security Qld of a positive test result to the Rota Virus in the loft.

We have suffered approximately 10% losses in the 10000 loft and a little less in our own. We have been working with BIO Security Qld since we first suspected an issue and have continued to follow their advice whilst awaiting the results.  It seems we have seen the worst as there have been no further casualties in the last 5 days.  We will continue to work with Bio Security Qld and monitor the virus status within the lofts.  The remaining birds have been locked down since we first became suspicious.  They are looking fantastic, and we plan to add a temporary  flight to the loft so they can at least get out and stretch their wings.

Once things settle down a full loft audit will be carried out.  If we find any participants  have suffered heavy losses we will have some spares available as replacements.

Yours in Sport,

QLD 10000 team