One Loft Race

Basket List Agnes Water

Hi all please see basket list for  race 1 tomorrow from Agnes Water. Good luck to all competitors. There was 3 birds left behind due to injury. Aust 16 10515 phoenix Lofts,LCPC 16 768 Kent Yang and QPF 16 8602 JCV Loft

Ringnumber OWNER
AU16WPF 0005056 Alan Bowtell
AU16WPF 0005057 Alan Bowtell
AU16TWMB0001773 Alan Bowtell
AU16TWMB0001771 Alan Bowtell
AU16IRPC0000237 Andreas Flach
AU16MKY 0000439 Bad Boys Syndicate
AU16MKY 0000479 Bad Boys Syndicate
AU16GYMP0000576 Barossa Bill
AU16SA 0010330 Barossa Bill
AU16AUST0001573 Basil George
AU16AUST0001589 Basil George
AU16AUST0001580 Basil George
AU16QPF 0005070 Beech & Gibbs
AU16QPF 0008224 Beech & Gibbs
AU16QPF 0008218 Beech & Gibbs
AU16QPF 0008223 Beech & Gibbs
AU16QPF 0005018 Beech & Gibbs
AU16QPF 0008222 Beech & Gibbs
AU16GYMP0000568 Bennett Syndicate
AU16SUNC0000014 Bill Groth
AU16SUNC0000016 Bill Groth
AU16GRPA0001330 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU16GRPA0001353 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU16TWMB0001862 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU16GRPA0001422 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU16GRPA0001425 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU16TWMB0001856 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU16TWMB0001858 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU16GRPA0001331 Black Caviar Syndicate
AU17SAMD0000092 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16GYMP0000648 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16TWMB0001257 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16TWMB0001255 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16TWMB0001247 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16TWMB0001236 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16GYMP0000673 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16TWMB0001253 Bloomfield & Burton
AU16COFF0000526 Born to Fly
AU16COFF0000525 Born to Fly
AU16COFF0000524 Born to Fly
AU16BHPC0000335 Bundy Snow Syndicate
AU16BHPC0000312 Bundy Snow Syndicate
AU16BHPC0000376 Bundy Snow Syndicate
AU16NRC 0003993 C & B Matthews
AU16NRC 0003963 C & B Matthews
AU16TRPC0002416 Candioso
AU16ROPC0001118 Candioso
AU16TRPC0002323 Cane View
AU16TRPC0002339 Cane View
AU16TRPC0002349 Cane View
AU16TRPC0002319 Cane View
AU16TRPC0002314 Cane View
AU16CAS 0000607 Casino Crew
AU16CAS 0000466 Casino Crew
AU16CAS 0000500 Casino Crew
AU16CAS 0000485 Casino Crew
AU16GRPA0000557 Chris Butler
AU16QPF 0007555 Coal Port Syndicate
AU16QPF 0007551 Coal Port Syndicate
AU16QPF 0007548 Coal Port Syndicate
AU16QPF 0007554 Coal Port Syndicate
AU16ANG 0000486 Colgate & Wortley
AU16ANG 0000487 Colgate & Wortley
AU16ANG 0000489 Colgate & Wortley
AU16GYMP0000663 Colin Dugmoore
AU16GYMP0000655 Colin Dugmoore
AU16GYMP0000662 Colin Dugmoore
AU16BRPC0000592 Colin Dugmoore
AU16BRPC0000591 Colin Dugmoore
AU16GC 0000756 Commons & Treanor
AU16GYMP0000688 Commons & Treanor
AU16MARY0000630 Darnell & Minto
AU16MARY0000867 Darnell & Minto
AU16MARY0000855 Darnell & Minto
AU16MARY0000859 Darnell & Minto
AU16MARY0000865 Darnell & Minto
AU16QPF 0003387 Dave Stanfield
AU16QPF 0003384 Dave Stanfield
AU16QPF 0003388 Dave Stanfield
AU16QPF 0005637 Dave Tester
AU16QPF 0005681 Dave Tester
AU16NRC 0001445 Delores & Gordon Oswald
AU16NRC 0001451 Delores & Gordon Oswald
AU16GYMP0000943 Des Lovell
AU16GYMP0000932 Des Lovell
AU16DMAR0000007 Des Moore
AU16GYMP0000661 Des Moore
AU16BALB0000075 East & Winkler
AU16BALB0000076 East & Winkler
AU16SC 0000865 Egg & Bacon Syndicate
AU16GYMP0000571 Egg & Bacon Syndicate
AU16SC 0000882 Egg & Bacon Syndicate
AU16SC 0000079 Egg & Bacon Syndicate
AU16SC 0000835 Egg & Bacon Syndicate
AU16SC 0000880 Egg & Bacon Syndicate
AU16NRC 0003654 Emery & Commons
AU16NRC 0002899 Emery & Commons
AU16NRC 0003657 Emery & Commons
AU16NRC 0002892 Emery & Commons
AU16SC 0001313 Forever Young Syndicate
AU16MKY 0000869 Forever Young Syndicate
AU16MKY 0000867 Forever Young Syndicate
AU16MKY 0000865 Forever Young Syndicate
AU16TRPC0002884 Gary Harvey
AU16TCPC0000196 Geoff Hackett
AU16TCPC0001092 Geoff Hackett
AU16TCPC0001042 Geoff Hackett
AU16ARM 0000508 Geoff Potts
AU16GYMP0000572 Geoff Potts
AU16ARM 0000530 Geoff Potts
AU16ARM 0000506 Geoff Potts
AU16ARM 0000502 Geoff Potts
AU16ARM 0000512 Geoff Potts
AU16BHPC0002387 Graham Temperly
AU16BHPC0002374 Graham Temperly
AU16ARM 0000304 Greg Page
AU16ARM 0000312 Greg Page
AU16ARM 0000322 Greg Page
AU16QPF 0007888 H & S Field
AU16COFF0000540 Hilltop Hoods
AU16COFF0000541 Hilltop Hoods
AU16GYMP0000835 Humpty Doo
AU16GYMP0000838 Humpty Doo
AU16TRPC0000533 Ian Harvey Family
AU16QPF 0010983 J & K Syndicate
AU16QPF 0010974 J & K Syndicate
AU16QPF 0010970 J & K Syndicate
AU16QPF 0010929 J & K Syndicate
AU16QPF 0010992 J & K Syndicate
AU16QPF 10955 J & K Syndicate
AU16COFF0000263 John Payne
AU16TCPC0001310 Johnsen & Johnston
AU16TCPC0001330 Johnsen & Johnston
AU16TCPC0001537 Johnsen & Johnston
AU16GYMP0000588 Johnsen & Johnston
AU16TCPC0001325 Johnsen & Johnston
AU16UNIP0000130 JPS Syndicate
AU16UNIP0000127 JPS Syndicate
AU16UNIP0000138 JPS Syndicate
AU16GYMP0000658 JPS Syndicate
AU16GYMP0000517 Kahilipso Lofts
AU16DALB0000355 Kahilipso Lofts
AU16DALB0000365 Kahilipso Lofts
AU16DALB0000341 Kahilipso Lofts
AU16TWMB0001980 Kamara Lofts
AU16TWMB0001985 Kamara Lofts
AU16CAS 0000303 Karma Syndicate
AU16CAS 0000304 Karma Syndicate
AU16AUST0001806 Karma Syndicate
AU16AUST0001803 Karma Syndicate
AU16WPF 0005059 Kauta - Wallarie
AU16WPF 0005045 Kauta - Wallarie
AU16TWMB0000097 Kauta - Wallarie
AU16TWMB0000096 Kauta - Wallarie
AU16WPF 0005058 Kauta - Wallarie
AU16WPF 0005055 Kauta - Wallarie
AU16NRC 0002214 Kehlet & Matthews
AU16RIPA0000531 Ken Tucker
AU16RIPA0000560 Ken Tucker
AU16GYMP0000565 Ken Tucker
AU16RIPA0000532 Ken Tucker
AU16LCPC0000762 Kent Yang
AU16LCPC0000757 Kent Yang
AU16LCPC0000761 Kent Yang
AU16LCPC0000760 Kent Yang
AU16GYMP0000682 Kevin Miller
AU16QPF 0001309 Kevin Miller
AU16QPF 0010966 Kieran Malone
AU16AUSN0003964 Kiwi Reg
AU16AUSN0003949 Kiwi Reg
AU16LMAC0001062 Laurie Dennis
AU16LMAC0001034 Laurie Dennis
AU16LMAC0001030 Laurie Dennis
AU16GYMP0000639 Laurie Dennis
AU16LMAC 1036 Laurie Dennis
AU16LMAC0001055 Laurie Dennis
AU16LMAC0001044 Laurie Dennis
AU16LMAC0000936 Laurie Dennis
AU16GYMP0000527 Laurie Dennis
AU16GYMP0000417 Lee Beattie
AU16GYMP0000659 Lee Beattie
AU16GYMP0000406 Lee Beattie
AU16WTB 0000715 Loongana Lofts
AU16LISM0003164 Loongana Lofts
AU16TCPC0001531 M Johnston
AU16GYMP0000603 M Johnston
AU16TCPC0001507 M Johnston
AU16TCPC0001523 M Johnston
AU16GYMP0000567 M Johnston
AU16TCPC0001505 M Johnston
AU16TCPC0001501 M Johnston
AU16MKY 0000440 Mackay Pigeons
AU16MKY 0000915 Mackay Pigeons
AU16GYMP0000681 Mackay Pigeons
AU16GYMP0000526 Mackay Pigeons
AU16MKY 0000888 Mackay Pigeons
AU16MKY 0000649 Mackay Pigeons
AU16MKY 0000870 Mike Young
AU16OLDB0000130 Millrose Loft
AU16OLDB0000132 Millrose Loft
AU16OLDB0000133 Millrose Loft
AU16OLDB0000200 Millrose Loft
AU16OLDB0000146 Millrose Loft
AU16QPF 0006556 Milton Mangoes
AU16GYMP0000687 Milton Mangoes
AU16QPF 0006560 Milton Mangoes
AU16QPF 0006149 Milton Mangoes
AU16ROPC0001958 Mount Jackson Loft
AU16ROPC0001950 Mount Jackson Loft
AU16ROPC0001938 Mount Jackson Loft
AU16LCPC0000808 Murrumba Syndicate
AU16LCPC0000826 Murrumba Syndicate
AU16QPF 0005182 Neelloc Syndicate
AU17SAMD0000093 Nigel Cofey
AU17SAMD0000095 Nigel Cofey
AU16NRC 0003642 P & P Emery
AU16NRC 0002860 P & P Emery
AU16NRC 0003653 P & P Emery
AU16C0FS0000547 Painters & Plumbers
AU16GRPA0001496 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16GRPA0001411 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16GRPA0001448 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16GRPA0001401 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16QPF 0000599 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16GRPA0001498 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16GRPA0001419 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16GYMP0000570 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16WPF 0006352 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16GRPA0001473 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU16RIPA0000768 Peter & Ted
AU16RIPA0000772 Peter & Ted
AU16RIPA0000760 Peter & Ted
AU16TWMB0001435 Peter Burton
AU16AUST0010530 Phoenix Lofts
AU16AUST0010531 Phoenix Lofts
AU16AUST0010513 Phoenix Lofts
AU16AUST0010517 Phoenix Lofts
AU16AUST0010512 Phoenix Lofts
AU16AUST0010534 Phoenix Lofts
AU16GYMP0000573 Pol Weyton
AU16CCF 0005098 Pol Weyton
AU16CCF 0005110 Pol Weyton
AU17SAMD0000097 Pradella Pieds
AU16GLAD0000005 Pradella Pieds
AU16GLAD0000013 Pradella Pieds
AU16SA 0006274 Pradella Pieds
AU16GLAD0000014 Pradella Pieds
AU16GLAD0000002 Pradella Pieds
AU16GLAD0000015 Pradella Pieds
AU16GLAP0000015 Pradella Pieds
AU16GLAD0000008 Pradella Pieds
AU16QPF 0008084 Ramal Harch
AU16QPF 0009888 Ramal Harch
AU16NRC 0002218 Rangeview Lofts
AU16NRC 0002238 Rangeview Lofts
AU16NRC 0002234 Rangeview Lofts
AU16NRC 0002219 Rangeview Lofts
AU16NRC 0002222 Rangeview Lofts
AU16NRC 0002221 Rangeview Lofts
AU16SC 0000053 Riley-P Syndicate
AU16AUSN0003948 Rob Lindsay
AU16AUSN0003972 Rob Lindsay
AU16MOON0000028 Robin White
AU16LMAC0002017 Rodney Howe
AU16MKY 0000207 Russ Beetham
AU16MKY 0000221 Russ Beetham
AU16MKY 0000216 Russ Beetham
AU16SA 0017054 S Pradella & Watson
AU16SA 0017060 S Pradella & Watson
AU16SA 0017055 S Pradella & Watson
AU16SA 0019853 S Pradella & Watson
AU16GYMP0000608 Shane Q
AU16AUB 0001174 Shane Q
AU16AUB 0001156 Shane Q
AU16STAR0000048 Starkoff Loft
AU16STAR0000045 Starkoff Loft
AU16STAR0000075 Starkoff Loft
AU16STAR0000072 Starkoff Loft
AU16STAR0000055 Starkoff Loft
AU16STAR0000073 Starkoff Loft
AU16QPF 0009049 Steve Beverly
AU16GYMP0000585 Steve Beverly
AU16SAMD0000017 Sunswift Lofts
AU16GYMP0000580 Sunswift Lofts
AU16SAMD0000011 Sunswift Lofts
AU16SAMD0000014 Sunswift Lofts
AU16IRPC0000271 Team Outback
AU16IRPC0000279 Team Outback
AU16IRPC0000277 Team Outback
AU16IRPC0000270 Team Outback
AU16RIPA0000763 Ted Hussie
AU16GYMP0000660 Ted Lewis
AU16MKY 0000463 Ted Lewis
AU16IRPC0000189 Tony Garnett
AU16IRPC0000184 Tony Garnett
AU16IRPC0000195 Tony Garnett
AU16IRPC0000187 Tony Garnett
AU16TWMB0000435 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU16GYMP0000647 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU16TWMB0001556 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU16LAKE0001621 VanJack Lofts
AU16LAKE0001616 VanJack Lofts
AU16LAKE0001617 VanJack Lofts
AU16LAKE0001624 VanJack Lofts
AU16SC 0000834 VIP Lofts
AU16SC 0000864 VIP Lofts
AU16QPF 0009372 W & K Racing
AU16SC 0000837 WA Virals
AU16SC 0000863 WA Virals
AU16SC 0000881 WA Virals
AU16SC 0000836 WA Virals
AU16MARY0001245 Wil Connally
AU16MARY0001242 Wil Connally
AU16MARY0001250 Wil Connally
AU16MARY0001253 Wil Connally
AU16MARY0001246 Wil Connally