One Loft Race

Basket List for St Lawrence Feature Race

Hi all,

Well it has finally arrived, the birds have been checked and basketed for the feature event of the season, see the list of starters below. The weather looks good so we should see the birds up around 7:30 – 8:00

Weather For Capricornia District Sunday 28 August

Sunny. Patches of light morning frost in the southwest. Light winds becoming east to southeasterly 15 to 20 km/h in the early afternoon then becoming light in the evening. Overnight temperatures falling to between 3 and 9 with daytime temperatures reaching the low to mid 20s.

Weather For Wide Bay and Burnett Sunday 28 August

Sunny. Areas of morning frost inland. Light winds. Overnight temperatures falling to between 2 and 8 with daytime temperatures reaching the low to mid 20s.

Good luck to all competitors!!

AU15SC 0001312 Baker & Cassar
AU15SC 0001307 Baker & Cassar
AU15AUST0006892 Basil George
AU15AUST0006890 Basil George
AU15AUST0006871 Basil George
AU15AUST0006883 Basil George
AU15QPF 0005690 Beech & Gibbs
AU15QPF 0005672 Beech & Gibbs
AU15QPF 0005691 Beech & Gibbs
AU15AUST0001297 Beech & Gibbs
AU15QPF 0005698 Beech & Gibbs
AU15SC 0001284 Bill Groth
AU15TWMB0000869 Black Cavier Syndicate
AU15GRPA0000562 Black Cavier Syndicate
AU15GRPA0000580 Black Cavier Syndicate
AU15TWMB0000866 Black Cavier Syndicate
AU15GRPA0000621 Black Cavier Syndicate
AU15TWMB0000868 Black Cavier Syndicate
AU15SA 0000994 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15SA 0000993 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15SA 0000992 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15TWMB0000596 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15SA 0000991 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15TWMB0000591 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15NRPC0000933 Bob Hatfield
AU15NRPC0000935 Bob Hatfield
AU15COFF0005581 Born to Fly Syndicate
AU15COFF0005579 Born to Fly Syndicate
AU15COFF0005577 Born to Fly Syndicate
AU15WAGG0000427 C&G Campbell
AU15WAGG0000425 C&G Campbell
AU15QPF 0001484 C&G Campbell
AU15WAGG0000418 C&G Campbell
AU15QPF 0001478 C&G Campbell
AU15NRC 0004170 C&S Ostojic
AU15NRC 0004166 C&S Ostojic
AU15GC 0007342 Candisio Syndicate
AU15TRPC0001134 Caneview Syndicate
AU15TRPC0000387 Caneview Syndicate
AU15SC 0000578 Caneview Syndicate
AU15TRPC0000209 Caneview Syndicate
AU15TRPC0001130 Caneview Syndicate
AU15CAS 0009292 Casino Crew
AU15CAS 0009432 Casino Crew
AU15CAS 0009466 Casino Crew
AU15IRPA0001805 Catalyst Racing
AU15IRPA0001803 Catalyst Racing
AU15IRPA0001804 Catalyst Racing
AU15SA 0025250 Cawte & Field
AU15SA 0025249 Cawte & Field
AU15SA 0025239 Cawte & Field
AU15SA 0025252 Cawte & Field
AU15NRC 0003218 Chris Matthews
AU15ANGS0000392 Colegate & Wortley
AU15ANGS0000341 Colegate & Wortley
AU15ANGS0000315 Colegate & Wortley
AU15ANGS0000314 Colegate & Wortley
AU15AUST0000279 Colin Dugmore
AU15AUST0000271 Colin Dugmore
AU15AUST0000243 Colin Dugmore
AU15AUST0000250 Colin Dugmore
AU15GCPC0000284 Commons & Treanor
AU15MARY0000460 Darnell & Minto
AU15MARY0000459 Darnell & Minto
AU15SC 0001352 Dave Tester
AU15SC 0000465 Dave Tester
AU15SC 0001353 Dave Tester
AU15QPF 0003988 David Stansfield
AU15QPF 0003987 David Stansfield
AU15GYM 0000516 Des Lovell
AU15DEN 0000726 Des Moore
AU15LISM0001908 East & Winkler
AU15NRC 0004433 Emery & Commins
AU15NRC 0004412 Emery & Commins
AU15NRC 0004442 Emery & Commins
AU15NRC 0004415 Emery & Commins
AU15NRC 0004432 Emery & Commins
AU15TCPC0000792 G Hackett
AU15TCPC0000782 G Hackett
AU15TCPC0000876 G Hackett
AU15ARM 0000623 G Page
AU15ARM 0000626 G Page
AU15NRC 0004124 Gordon Hickey
AU15BHPC0000693 Graham Temperley
AU15ANGS0000343 Here's Hoping Syndicate
AU15ANGS0000320 Here's Hoping Syndicate
AU15PRF 0001035 Highlander Syndicate
AU15PRF 0001034 Highlander Syndicate
AU15GYM 0000384 Humpty Doo Syndicate
AU15GYM 0000386 Humpty Doo Syndicate
AU15GYM 0000392 Humpty Doo Syndicate
AU15GYM 0000123 Humpty Doo Syndicate
AU15PMAC0001370 Ian Workman
AU15PMAC0001365 Ian Workman
AU15ARM 0000308 Jeff Potts
AU15ARM 0000320 Jeff Potts
AU15ARM 0000310 Jeff Potts
AU15TCPC0001241 Johnsen & Johnston
AU15TCPC0002351 Johnsen & Johnston
AU15BBT 0000219 Johnston & Morris
AU15TCPC0002331 Johnston & Morris
AU15TCPC0002332 Johnston & Morris
AU15DALB0000086 Kahalipso Syndicate
AU15DALB0000092 Kahalipso Syndicate
AU15DALB0000060 Kahalipso Syndicate
AU15DALB0000074 Kahalipso Syndicate
AU15DALB0000096 Kahalipso Syndicate
AU15NRC 0000529 Kehlet & Matthews
AU15NRC 0000531 Kehlet & Matthews
AU15RIPA0001247 Ken Tucker
AU15RIPA0001227 Ken Tucker
AU15LCPC0006218 Kent Yang
AU15LCPC0006219 Kent Yang
AU15QPF 0001715 Kevin Miller
AU15QPF 0001723 Kevin Miller
AU15QPF 0001716 Kevin Miller
AU15QPF 0007081 Kieren Malone
AU15QPF 0007070 Kieren Malone
AU15QPF 0008984 Kieren Malone
AU15SC 0001331 Kiwi
AU15SC 0001333 Kiwi
AU15DEN 0000701 Know All Syndicate
AU15DEN 0000720 Know All Syndicate
AU15DEN 0000738 Know All Syndicate
AU15DEN 0000718 Know All Syndicate
AU15MKY 0001460 Koke Tesanovic
AU15NQPA0000812 Lachlan Waterhouse
AU15NQPA0000821 Lachlan Waterhouse
AU15RIPA0001497 Larry Pearson
AU15LISM0001291 Loongana Lofts
AU15MKY 0001165 Mackay Pigeon Club
AU15MKY 0001254 Mackay Pigeon Club
AU15MKY 0001325 Mackay Pigeon Club
AU15MKY 0001359 Mackay Pigeon Club
AU15TCPC0002359 Mark Johnston
AU15TCPC0002339 Mark Johnston
AU15TCPC0002345 Mark Johnston
AU15TCPC0002352 Mark Johnston
AU15AUST0000262 Matt Dugmore
AU15AUST0000265 Matt Dugmore
AU15AUST0000263 Matt Dugmore
AU15GRPA0000601 Matt Starkoff
AU15GRPA0000603 Matt Starkoff
AU15STAR0000009 Matt Starkoff
AU15STAR0000010 Matt Starkoff
AU15STAR0000059 Matt Starkoff
AU15VPO 0000342 Merv Abbey
AU15VPO 0000327 Merv Abbey
AU15MKY 0001252 Mick Young
AU15MKY 0001251 Mick Young
AU15MKY 0001256 Mick Young
AU15TROB0004283 Millrose Lofts
AU15TROB0004285 Millrose Lofts
AU15NRPC0000705 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000712 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000700 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000724 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000710 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000717 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000719 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000722 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15AUSN0001515 Murrumba Syndicate
AU15AUSN0001516 Murrumba Syndicate
AU15AUSN0001553 Murrumba Syndicate
AU15QPF 0003842 Never too Late Syndicate
AU15QPF 0003850 Never too Late Syndicate
AU15PRF 0008227 Nigel Coffey
AU15RIPA0000676 Norm Miller
AU15COFF0005575 Painter and Plumber Syndicate
AU15GMPF0009045 Paramount Lofts
AU15GMPF0009044 Paramount Lofts
AU15GMPF0009043 Paramount Lofts
AU15GRPA0000690 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU15GRPA0000650 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU15GRPA0000689 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU15GRPA0000688 Pat Malone
AU15GRPA0000701 Pat Malone
AU15AUST0008296 Peter Cook
AU15CQG 0016061 Peter Cook
AU15AUST0010611 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AVST0010596 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AUST0010590 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AUST0010610 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AUST0010625 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AUST0010589 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AUST0010609 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AUST0010633 Phoenix Lofts
AU15AUST0010608 Phoenix Lofts
AU15GLAD0000005 Pradella Pieds Syndicate
AU15GLAD0000002 Pradella Pieds Syndicate
AU15GLAD0000001 Pradella Pieds Syndicate
AU15NRC 0000522 Rangeview Lofts
AU15NRC 0000525 Rangeview Lofts
AU15NRC 0000524 Rangeview Lofts
AU15 NRC0000526 Rangeview Lofts
AU15GRPA0001216 Reg Vincent
AU15GRPA0000163 Reg Vincent
AU15RLSL0000014 Relentless Lofts Syndicate
AU15RLSL0000020 Relentless Lofts Syndicate
AU15QHS 0000825 RGM Syndicate
AU15QHS 0000391 RGM Syndicate
AU15NRC 0004108 Rob Lindsay
AU15NRC 0004112 Rob Lindsay
AU15NRC 0004105 Rob Lindsay
AU15GC 0007691 Rob Lindsay
AU15NRC 0004111 Rob Lindsay
AU15GYM 0000449 Rob Otterson
AU15MOON0000334 Robin White
AU15MOON0000333 Robin White
AU15LMAC0001441 Rodney Howe
AU15LMAC0001468 Rodney Howe
AU15LMAC0001445 Rodney Howe
AU15GYM 0000248 Rucheta Syndicate
AU15PRF 0007182 S&B Pradella
AU15PRF 0004002 S&B Pradella
AU15PRF 0004972 S&B Pradella
AU15PRF 0004007 S&B Pradella
AU15PRF 0007172 S&B Pradella
AU15HORD0000584 S&S Parkyn
AU15TWMB0001927 Sam Nixon
AU15TWMB0001934 Sam Nixon
AU15TWMB0001940 Sam Nixon
AU15TWMB0001943 Sam Nixon
AU15TWMB0001936 Sam Nixon
AU15AUB 0000545 Shane Q Syndicate
AU15AUB 0000550 Shane Q Syndicate
AU15AUB 0000469 Shane Q Syndicate
AU15AUB 0000531 Shane Q Syndicate
AU15AUB 0000546 Shane Q Syndicate
AU15GMPF0013969 Sky Dive Syndicate
AU15GMPF0013973 Sky Dive Syndicate
AU15GMPF0013956 Sky Dive Syndicate
AU15GMPF0013971 Sky Dive Syndicate
AU15GRPA0000292 Sky Hawk Syndicate
AU15GRPA0000288 Sky Hawk Syndicate
AU15SAMD0000235 Sunswift Lofts
AU15SAMD0000229 Sunswift Lofts
AU15SAMD0000232 Sunswift Lofts
AU15SAMD0000234 Sunswift Lofts
AU15COFF0005667 T Bolton
AU15COFF0005662 T Bolton
AU15COFF0005600 T Bolton
AU15COFF0005668 T Bolton
AU15GMPF0004719 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0010420 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0004721 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013474 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013473 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0010415 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013483 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013485 Team Buckeye
AU15AUST0010287 Ted Hussie
AU15MKY 0001116 Ted Lewis
AU15MKY 0001108 Ted Lewis
AU15IRPA0000760 That's Gold Syndicate
AU15IRPA0000756 That's Gold Syndicate
AU15IRPA0000753 That's Gold Syndicate
AU15AUSN0002298 Tom Nash
AU15TWMB0001320 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0001676 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0000263 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0000548 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0001427 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0001227 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15SC 0000576 Trevor Sproxton
AU15GYM 0000600 Turley Bros
AU15GC 0007306 U & Me Syndicate
AU15IRPA0000070 U & Me Syndicate
AU15CAS 0009378 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15AUST0001274 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15AUST0001268 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15AUST0001290 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15AUST0001265 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15CAS 0009372 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15CAS 0009373 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15SC 0000190 Valley Rattler Syndicate
AU15SC 0000181 Valley Rattler Syndicate
AU15SC 0000199 Valley Rattler Syndicate
AU15SC 0000188 Valley Rattler Syndicate
AU15HRPC0001055 VIP Lofts
AU15HRPC0000687 VIP Lofts
AU15HRPC0000673 VIP Lofts
AU15AUST0010788 Walters & Jennings
AU15AUST0010784 Walters & Jennings
AU15AUST0010786 Walters & Jennings
AU15AUST0010785 Walters & Jennings
AU15TWMB0001637 Wayne Hamilton
AU15MARY0000589 Wil Connally
AU15MARY0000598 Wil Connally
AU15MARY0000590 Wil Connally
AU15LISM0001912 Winkey Pop Lofts