One Loft Race

Bowen Race

Please see list of birds that will be going to Bowen. If you do not want your birds to go please contact Jim to arrange pick up. If you wish to be in the race please forward your entry fee of $25/bird to Jim.

The race will be on the 24/09/16 with basketing on the 21/09/2016 so all entry fees will need to be paid by basketing date.

AU15SC 0001312 Baker & Cassar
AU15AUST0006883 Basil George
AU15AUST0006871 Basil George
AU15AUST0006892 Basil George
AU15QPF 0005690 Beech & Gibbs
AU15QPF 0005691 Beech & Gibbs
AU15QPF 0005698 Beech & Gibbs
AU15AUST0001297 Beech & Gibbs
AU15QPF 0005672 Beech & Gibbs
AU15TWMB0000591 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15SA 0000993 Bloomfield & Burton
AU15COFF0005581 Born to Fly Syndicate
AU15COFF0005579 Born to Fly Syndicate
AU15QPF 0001478 C&G Campbell
AU15WAGG0000427 C&G Campbell
AU15TRPC0000209 Caneview Syndicate
AU15TRPC0000387 Caneview Syndicate
AU15SC 0000578 Caneview Syndicate
AU15CAS 0009466 Casino Crew
AU15IRPA0001804 Catalyst Racing
AU15SA 0025250 Cawte & Field
AU15SA 0025249 Cawte & Field
AU15NRC 0003218 Chris Matthews
AU15ANGS0000392 Colegate & Wortley
AU15AUST0000243 Colin Dugmore
AU15AUST0000279 Colin Dugmore
AU15AUST0000271 Colin Dugmore
AU15QPF 0003988 David Stansfield
AU15GYM 0000516 Des Lovell
AU15TCPC0000782 G Hackett
AU15TCPC0000876 G Hackett
AU15ARM 0000626 G Page
AU15PRF 0001034 Highlander Syndicate
AU15PRF 0001035 Highlander Syndicate
AU15PMAC0001370 Ian Workman
AU15PMAC0001365 Ian Workman
AU15TCPC0002351 Johnsen & Johnston
AU15TCPC0002331 Johnston & Morris
AU15RIPA0001227 Ken Tucker
AU15LCPC0006218 Kent Yang
AU15LCPC0006219 Kent Yang
AU15QPF 0001715 Kevin Miller
AU15QPF 0007081 Kieren Malone
AU15QPF 0007070 Kieren Malone
AU15SC 0001333 Kiwi
AU15SC 0001331 Kiwi
AU15DEN 0000738 Know All Syndicate
AU15MKY 0001460 Koke Tesanovic
AU15MKY 0001165 Mackay Pigeon Club
AU15TCPC0002339 Mark Johnston
AU15VPO 0000342 Merv Abbey
AU15VPO 0000327 Merv Abbey
AU15MKY 0001252 Mick Young
AU15MKY 0001256 Mick Young
AU15NRPC0000724 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15NRPC0000722 Mt Jackson Lofts
AU15AUSN0001515 Murrumba Syndicate
AU15AUSN0001516 Murrumba Syndicate
AU15PRF 0008227 Nigel Coffey
AU15RIPA0000676 Norm Miller
AU15COFF0005575 Painter and Plumber Syndicate
AU15GLAD0000001 Pradella Pieds Syndicate
AU15NRC 0000524 Rangeview Lofts
AU15NRC 0000525 Rangeview Lofts
AU15GRPA0001216 Reg Vincent
AU15QHS 0000391 RGM Syndicate
AU15QHS 0000825 RGM Syndicate
AU15NRC 0004111 Rob Lindsay
AU15NRC 0004105 Rob Lindsay
AU15MOON0000333 Robin White
AU15LMAC0001445 Rodney Howe
AU15LMAC0001441 Rodney Howe
AU15AUB 0000531 Shane Q Syndicate
AU15AUB 0000469 Shane Q Syndicate
AU15GMPF0013971 Sky Dive Syndicate
AU15GMPF0013956 Sky Dive Syndicate
AU15COFF0005668 T Bolton
AU15GMPF0010415 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0004719 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013473 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013483 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013485 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0013474 Team Buckeye
AU15GMPF0010420 Team Buckeye
AU15MKY 0001108 Ted Lewis
AU15MKY 0001116 Ted Lewis
AU15AUSN0002298 Tom Nash
AU15TWMB0001320 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0000263 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0001427 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15TWMB0001676 Toowoomba Racing Pigeon Club
AU15AUST0001290 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15CAS 0009373 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15CAS 0009372 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15AUST0001274 Unwanted Syndicate
AU15HRPC0000687 VIP Lofts
AU15AUST0010785 Walters & Jennings
AU15AUST0010784 Walters & Jennings
AU15AUST0010786 Walters & Jennings
AU15TWMB0001637 Wayne Hamilton