One Loft Race


Jim Smith started the one loft race to fill a much needed niche for Queensland and interstate fanciers to compete in a low cost investment race.

Jim teamed with the late Bruce Kehlet and they both worked tirelessly to design, construct and implement the lofts to ensure the birds sent by fanciers were given the best possible chance to be in the winners circle.

Good health and care were paramount, even though the threat of BOP are a constant menance.  It was rare that illness was ever the cause for losses around the loft.   After 7 years the OLR is getting stronger with Jim at the Helm.  He now has his lovely wife Dolly to assist him where once that duty went to our good mate Bruce.

Both Jim and Dolly are fully committed to ensuring Bruce’s legacy is never forgotten and the race continues to get stronger each year.  One hopes Bruce is looking down on us all, just to ensure things are going well.