One Loft Race

Loft Audit 1

Hi All,

Firstly we would like to apologise for the lateness of the Audit list as there has been a couple of contributing factors with me being overseas and the arrival of Jim and Dolly’s newest addition to the family and a few post-natal health concerns.

All seems to be back on track with birds working well around the loft and responding well to the first few short tosses, the next few weeks will see the distances increase in preparation for the first of the money races of the season with the first race to be held on the 29/07/2018 followed by the 2nd race on the 12/08/2018 and the feature event on the 26/08/2018.

Once again we would like to thank you all for your patience.

Yours in sport

QLD 10000 TEAM

Ringnumber OWNER
AU17AUST0550086 Aldrin Reyes
AU17AUST0550092 Aldrin Reyes
AU17AUST0550093 Aldrin Reyes
AU17AUST0550095 Aldrin Reyes
AU17GRPA0000972 Aldrin Reyes
AU17GRPA0000977 Aldrin Reyes
AU17MURR0000613 Amatrix
AU17MURR0000667 Amatrix
AU17SUNC0001145 Baker & Cassar
AU17MRB 0000419 Basil George
AU17MRB 0000420 Basil George
AU17MRB 0000424 Basil George
AU17QPF 0002066 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002069 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002070 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002071 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002073 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002075 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002080 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002081 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0002082 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0006594 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0006595 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0006596 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0006597 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0006599 Beech & Gibbs
AU17QPF 0006600 Beech & Gibbs
AU17SAUS0009459 Bill Elvin
AU17SAUS0009461 Bill Elvin
AU17GYMP0000086 Bill Groth
AU17GYMP0000199 Bill Groth
AU17SUNC0000269 Bill Groth
AU17COFF0000752 Born To Fly
AU17COFF0000753 Born To Fly
AU17COFF0000754 Born To Fly
AU17COFF0000755 Born To Fly
AU17COFF0000756 Born To Fly
AU17DALB0000452 Calypso Syndicate
AU17DALB0000458 Calypso Syndicate
AU17GYMP0000878 Calypso Syndicate
AU17GYMP0000882 Calypso Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003316 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003317 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003318 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003874 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003878 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003879 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003883 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003884 Caneview
AU17TRPC0003885 Caneview
AU17CAS 0001422 Casino Lad
AU17BHPC0000302 Colin Dugmoore
AU17BHPC0000304 Colin Dugmoore
AU17BHPC0000305 Colin Dugmoore
AU17BHPC0000307 Colin Dugmoore
AU17BHPC0000308 Colin Dugmoore
AU17BHPC0000309 Colin Dugmoore
AU17AUST0005160 Craig MacDonald
AU17AUST0005165 Craig MacDonald
AU17AUST0005166 Craig MacDonald
AU17NRC 0001807 Dave Tester
AU17NRC 0001810 Dave Tester
AU17NRC 0001811 Dave Tester
AU17NRC 0001812 Dave Tester
AU17NRC 0001815 Dave Tester
AU17GYMP0000704 Des Lovell
AU17GYMP0000708 Des Lovell
AU17GYMP0000711 Des Lovell
AU17GYMP0000713 Des Lovell
AU17LCPC0000364 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0000365 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0000375 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0000376 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0000377 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001194 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001239 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001240 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001241 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001243 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001244 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001246 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001248 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001249 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17LCPC0001250 DILLIGAF Syndicate
AU17TRPC0000829 Eric Abel Syndicate
AU17TRPC0000833 Eric Abel Syndicate
AU17TRPC0000842 Eric Abel Syndicate
AU17TRPC0000900 Eric Abel Syndicate
AU17HFLD0002337 Fire House Syndicate
AU17HFLD0002343 Frame Family
AU17HFLD0002346 Frame Family
AU17HFLD0002348 Frame Family
AU17MILL0000518 Frame Family
AU17MILL0000533 Frame Family
AU17NRC 0002281 G & D Syndicate
AU17NRC 0002282 G & D Syndicate
AU17GYMP0000516 G & R Syndicate
AU17GYMP0000559 G & R Syndicate
AU17GYMP0000560 G & R Syndicate
AU17ARM 0000921 Geoff Potts
AU17ARM 0000965 Geoff Potts
AU17ARM 0000966 Geoff Potts
AU17ARM 0000969 Geoff Potts
AU17GYMP0000073 Geoff Potts
AU17TARC0002001 Geoffrey Hackett
AU17TARC0002065 Geoffrey Hackett
AU17TARC0002078 Geoffrey Hackett
AU17TARC0002080 Geoffrey Hackett
AU17BHPC0001021 Graham Temperly
AU17BHPC0001134 Graham Temperly
AU17BHPC0001136 Graham Temperly
AU17BHPC0001156 Graham Temperly
AU17BHPC0001167 Graham Temperly
AU17BHPC0001195 Graham Temperly
AU17CRPC0002433 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002434 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002439 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002440 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002441 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002442 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002446 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002447 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002448 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002449 Grant Patterson
AU17CRPC0002450 Grant Patterson
AU17NRC 0000435 Greeny
AU17AUSN0005562 Helen Field
AU17AUSN0005565 Helen Field
AU17AUSN0005566 Helen Field
AU17AUST0005561 Helen Field
AU17COFF0000760 Hilltop Hood
AU17GYMP0000244 Humpty Doo
AU17GYMP0000251 Humpty Doo
AU17GYMP0000283 Humpty Doo
AU17GYMP0000901 Humpty Doo
AU17TRPC0000773 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0000774 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0000830 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0000897 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003021 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003034 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003207 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003280 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003602 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003969 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0003994 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0004112 I Am Syndicate
AU17TRPC0004114 I Am Syndicate
AU17AUSN0004772 J & P Syndicate
AU17AUSN0004775 J & P Syndicate
AU17AUSN0004849 J & P Syndicate
AU17AUSN0004850 J & P Syndicate
AU17AUSN0004856 J & P Syndicate
AU17GCST0001161 John Commons
AU17GCST0001165 John Commons
AU17GCST0001166 John Commons
AU17GCST0001168 John Commons
AU17GCST0001170 John Commons
AU17GCST0001171 John Commons
AU17TCI 0000101 Johnston & Worth
AU17TCI 0000102 Johnston & Worth
AU17TCI 0000103 Johnston & Worth
AU17TCI 0000104 Johnston & Worth
AU17TCI 0000105 Johnston & Worth
AU17TCI 0000106 Johnston & Worth
AU17AUST0060002 Kamara Lofts
AU17GYMP0000091 Kehlet & Mathews
AU17MILD0003321 Kehlet & Mathews
AU17MILD0003324 Kehlet & Mathews
AU17MILD0003327 Kehlet & Mathews
AU17MILD0003328 Kehlet & Mathews
AU17RRPC0000619 Ken Tucker
AU17RRPC0000622 Ken Tucker
AU17RPC 0000941 Kevin Temperly
AU17GRPA0000013 Kieran & Pat
AU17GRPA0000032 Kieran & Pat
AU17GRPA0000106 Kieran & Pat
AU17NRC 0000045 Kieran & Pat
AU17NRC 0000052 Kieran & Pat
AU17NRC 0000055 Kieran & Pat
AU17NRC 0000028 Kieran Malone
AU17NRC 0000038 Kieran Malone
AU17NRC 0000051 Kieran Malone
AU17NRC 0000072 Kieran Malone
AU17TWMB0002616 Know All Syndicate
AU17TWMB0002617 Know All Syndicate
AU17TWMB0002621 Know All Syndicate
AU17TWMB0002622 Know All Syndicate
AU17TWMB0002624 Know All Syndicate
AU17BHPC0000327 Know All Syndicate 2
AU17BHPC0000328 Know All Syndicate 2
AU17BHPC0000330 Know All Syndicate 2
AU17BHPC0000333 Know All Syndicate 2
AU17BHPC0000334 Know All Syndicate 2
AU17ANG 0000706 Len Colgate
AU17ANG 0000708 Len Colgate
AU17ANG 0000710 Len Colgate
AU17ANG 0000713 Len Colgate
AU17ANG 000709 Len Colgate
AU17LISM0005553 Loongana Lofts
AU17LISM0005556 Loongana Lofts
AU17LISM0005564 Loongana Lofts
AU17WTB 0002201 Loongana Lofts
AU17WTB 0002202 Loongana Lofts
AU17GYMP0000074 Mackay Pigeon Groupe
AU17MAK 0000255 Mackay Pigeon Groupe
AU17MKY 0000123 Mackay Pigeon Groupe
AU17MKY 0000429 Mackay Pigeon Groupe
AU17MKY 0000431 Mackay Pigeon Groupe
AU17MKY 0000545 Mackay Pigeon Groupe
AU17TCI 0000107 Mark Johnston
AU17TCI 0000108 Mark Johnston
AU17TCI 0000109 Mark Johnston
AU17TCI 0000111 Mark Johnston
AU17TCI 0000115 Mark Johnston
AU17TCI 0000118 Mark Johnston
AU17MKY 0000260 Mick Young
AU17MKY 0000262 Mick Young
AU17MKY 0000265 Mick Young
AU17MKY 0000267 Mick Young
AU17CESS0000702 Millfield
AU17CESS0000703 Millfield
AU17CESS0000704 Millfield
AU17RPC 0002071 Mount Jackson Lofts
AU17RPC 0002073 Mount Jackson Lofts
AU17RPC 0002075 Mount Jackson Lofts
AU17RPC 0002079 Mount Jackson Lofts
AU17RPC 0002081 Mount Jackson Lofts
AU17RPC 0002088 Mount Jackson Lofts
AU17RPC 0002092 Mount Jackson Lofts
AU17RRPC0000049 Norm Milner
AU17RRPC0000050 Norm Milner
AU17RRPC0000051 Norm Milner
AU17RRPC0000053 Norm Milner
AU17COFF0000761 Painters & Plumbers
AU17COFF0000763 Painters & Plumbers
AU17GRPA0000014 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000035 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000037 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000039 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000051 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000052 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000062 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000075 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000077 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000083 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000086 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000092 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000100 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000105 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000108 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000113 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000132 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000169 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000172 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000185 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17GRPA0000195 Pat & Jill Murphy
AU17MRPC0000907 Pete Holstein
AU17MRPC0000908 Pete Holstein
AU17RRPC0000701 Peter Cooke
AU17RRPC0000702 Peter Cooke
AU17RRPC0000706 Peter Cooke
AU17RRPC0000708 Peter Cooke
AU17AUST0000224 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000230 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000231 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000234 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000239 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000241 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000242 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000243 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000244 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000249 Phoenix Lofts
AU17AUST0000250 Phoenix Lofts
AU17GYMP0000194 Phoenix Lofts
AU17GYMP0000197 Poi Weynton
AU17LIV 0002503 Poi Weynton
AU17LIV 0002518 Poi Weynton
AU17LIV 0002524 Poi Weynton
AU17LIV 0002525 Poi Weynton
AU17LIV 0002530 Poi Weynton
AU17LIV 0002531 Poi Weynton
AU17NRC 0001901 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001902 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001903 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001905 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001906 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001907 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001911 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001912 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001915 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001917 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001922 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001923 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001924 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001925 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001927 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17NRC 0001928 Rangeview Syndicate
AU17AUST0004633 Revenge Syndicate
AU17AUST0004636 Revenge Syndicate
AU17AUST0004639 Revenge Syndicate
AU17AUST0004644 Revenge Syndicate
AU17AUST0004646 Revenge Syndicate
AU17AUST0004647 Revenge Syndicate
AU17AUST0004649 Revenge Syndicate
AU17AUB 0001322 River Vale Syndicate
AU17AUB 0001336 River Vale Syndicate
AU17AUB 0001339 River Vale Syndicate
AU17SAUS0021645 River Vale Syndicate
AU17SAUS0021652 River Vale Syndicate
AU17SAUS0021655 River Vale Syndicate
AU17LMAC0000801 Rodney Howe
AU17LMAC0000804 Rodney Howe
AU17LMAC0000806 Rodney Howe
AU17LMAC0000811 Rodney Howe
AU17LMAC0000812 Rodney Howe
AU17LMAC0000815 Rodney Howe
AU17GYMP0000517 Rucheta
AU17GYMP0001051 Rucheta
AU17GYMP0001055 Rucheta
AU17MORT0000533 Sea Breeze Syndicate
AU17MORT0000535 Sea Breeze Syndicate
AU17MORT0000540 Sea Breeze Syndicate
AU17MORT0000541 Sea Breeze Syndicate
AU17QPF 0009542 Shaun Chapple
AU17QPF 0009543 Shaun Chapple
AU17QPF 0009544 Shaun Chapple
AU17QPF 0009555 Shaun Chapple
AU17QPF 0009558 Shaun Chapple
AU17QPF 0009560 Shaun Chapple
AU17GRPA0000840 Sky Combat
AU17NRC 0000431 Sky Combat
AU17NRC 0000439 Sky Combat
AU17IRPC0000442 Starkoff Lofts
AU17IRPC0000443 Starkoff Lofts
AU17IRPC0000445 Starkoff Lofts
AU17IRPC0000446 Starkoff Lofts
AU17IRPC0000448 Starkoff Lofts
AU17IRPC0000449 Starkoff Lofts
AU17AUSN0004693 Steve Classens
AU17AUSN0004694 Steve Classens
AU17IRPA0001761 Steve Parkyn
AU17QPF 0002670 Steve Parkyn
AU17QPF 0002677 Steve Parkyn
AU17QPF 0002680 Steve Parkyn
AU17SAMD0000011 Sunswift Lofts
AU17SAMD0000014 Sunswift Lofts
AU17SAMD0000016 Sunswift Lofts
AU17SAMD0000017 Sunswift Lofts
AU17SAMD0000019 Sunswift Lofts
AU17SAMD0000020 Sunswift Lofts
AU17COFF0000757 T & L Bolton
AU17COFF0000758 T & L Bolton
AU17COFF0000759 T & L Bolton
AU17COFF0000762 T & L Bolton
AU17COFF0000766 T & L Bolton
AU17RRPC0000703 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000704 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000709 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000727 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000729 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000732 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000734 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000735 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000736 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000737 Ted Hussie
AU17RRPC0000738 Ted Hussie
AU17COFF0000459 Todd Pasfield
AU17COFF0000460 Todd Pasfield
AU17COFF0000464 Todd Pasfield
AU17COFF0000465 Todd Pasfield
AU17COFF0000466 Todd Pasfield
AU17COFF0000467 Todd Pasfield
AU17AUST0000019 Van Jack Lofts
AU17AUST0000021 Van Jack Lofts
AU17AUST0000022 Van Jack Lofts
AU17AUST0000023 Van Jack Lofts
AU17AUST0000029 Van Jack Lofts
AU17AUST0000030 Van Jack Lofts
AU17MRPC0000650 Will Connolly
AU17MRPC0000654 Will Connolly
AU17MRPC0000659 Will Connolly
AU17MRPC0000662 Will Connolly
AU17MRPC0000685 Will Connolly
AU17MRPC0000687 Will Connolly