One Loft Race

Vale Bruce Kehlet

by Peter Matthews

Bruce Kehlet

The late Bruce Kehlet, a driving force in the Qld 10000

People generalise the term “Best Friends”, which usually starts with a bonding caused by mutual interests, then the vagaries of life’s circumstances, such as family and geographical distances turn best friends into friends.  Ultimately friends then become acquaintances, followed by fond memories of good times past.

During the two decades, we have known each other, Bruce and I never had a cross word or reason to clash whatsoever. That in itself is a remarkable statement on its own, bearing in mind we spend a lot of time together. We even shared accommodation together which in most instances, through normal interaction between people, would very often result in some form of antagonism, resentment, but not with Bruce and me.

When first Bruce came walking through my gate, way back in the early nineties, he approached me in a very friendly and somewhat familiar introduction which initially tended to put me on the back foot as I was not sure who this person was.  His overzealous and over friendly approach towards me took me aback somewhat.  However, I soon got to see the calibre of the man and we cemented our relationship and held a very tight and close friendship right up to when we last spoke, a few days before his passing.

Bruce and Jim Smith also became close friends and they mutually ran the Gympie 10000 One Loft Pigeon Race, Bruce flying in annually for a few weeks to reacquaint with his family and reside with Jim to sort out all the IT requirements for Jim, who himself admits that IT is not his forte.  Bruce’s death has left a vast chasm in our hearts, and all of us miss our mate every day.  In essence this site is dedicated to Bruce, as without him it may not have been so efficiently organised as it was and is to this day.